Getting into medicine or dentistry is extremely tough

That’s why creating an industry-leading UCAT course that genuinely helps every student is even tougher. 

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Understanding the mindset of a winner

Disbelief and relief; these are the first feelings that almost every student experiences when they are accepted into medicine or dentistry. Why not joy? Why not excitement? Because the journey was just too darn hard.

Let’s take a step back to appreciate the challenges that successful students had to conquer to get where they are today. Spend years slaving away for outstanding school results that put them at the top 1% of the nation. Check. Score at least in the top 10% on the UCAT, a logical reasoning test so complex that it is widely acknowledged to be one of the most challenging university entrance exams in existence. Check. Overcome the scrutiny of interviewers who are determined to figure out if you’ve got the ‘X factor’ and can make the right decisions under unbelievable pressure to save lives. Check.

Staying up late, getting up early and sacrificing precious time with friends and family is the norm. However, what makes the real difference is wit, resilience and tenacity far greater than that possessed by the typical teenager. To build a course that truly helps every student, we must first understand what goes on in the minds of the most ambitious candidates; only then can we support them during the good times, the bad times, and the very, very ugly times.

medical school interview coaching

Dissecting the hurdles better than anyone else

Achieving top marks in the UCAT is difficult enough. What about understanding the test deeply enough to confidently meet the expectations of students who are willing to rely on your advice, recommendations and techniques and entrust their entire futures into your hands? It’s a lot harder to build a great course than it is to do well on the UCAT test. 

Our team of highly qualified teachers, question writers and learning designers, who have more than 20 years of combined experience, have spent the last four years breaking down over 100,000 UCAT questions and the test-taking experience. We have broken things down until there is nothing left to break down; by taking into account every nuance, variation, trend and style in the most recent exams, a greater algorithm slowly but surely took shape.

Solving UCAT questions is now a process as systematic and logical as any other skill. Nothing is a mystery. Dissecting the hurdles better than anyone else gave us the courage to take the next step in becoming the educational organisation we’ve always set out to be.

Making great teaching and learning the foundation of our course

Great teachers do far more than pass down knowledge and skills. They ignite their students’ drive to succeed and transform them into the best version of themselves. Great teachers enable, empower and inspire students to strive for what means the most to them, even when faced with difficult odds. Our course does precisely that—it motivates and equips students to take the extra steps needed to achieve entrance into their dream course.

Seamlessly applying our understanding of the journey and our question-solving expertise to help every student develop the perfect UCAT skillset requires all the tricks in the education toolbox. The seven learning styles, Kolb’s experiential cycle, competency-based learning, instructional scaffolding, reflective learning and mindful practice are just some of the advanced learning methods we use to make our course airtight. 

Relentless in the pursuit of perfection

Making the learning experience perfect for every student requires extensive refinement. After every teaching opportunity, we gather mountains of feedback and performance data to adjust our approach and help students achieve their very best on test day. After countless iterations, our course is consistently able to develop students’ critical skills, making the preparation path far more manageable and predictable.

In 2019, 719 students achieved a UCAT score of 90th percentile or higher, of whom almost 400 students achieved a score of 96th percentile or higher. As a result, 603 iCanMed students were awarded medical and dental school offers for a 2020 start, a monumental achievement considering that 2019 was the first year UCAT testing was conducted in Australasia. Are we happy with what we’ve achieved? Definitely. Are we done improving our course for all future students? Heck no! Anyone can try to teach the UCAT—but to support the best students, we need to be the best. 

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