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Learn, apply and refine practical methods to solve every question type found in the most recent UCAT exam. Best of all, perfect your preparation to achieve 100% accuracy within the UCAT’s demanding time limits. 

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We've simplified preparation for you!

The best learning only occurs after students are stimulated to think independently. By combining a carefully designed suite of educational resources with the magic of ongoing human-to-human guidance, the iCanMed UCAT Course engages with students at an unprecedented level of personalisation. Our priority is ensuring that every candidate possesses the necessary skills to solve UCAT questions flawlessly and develops the motivation and confidence to succeed.

Online Resources and Support

Not only does our online learning management system offer the same test-taking experience as the official UCAT to help students build familiarity, it also includes essential features required for top-notch preparation.

31 x UCAT Progress Classes

(Start on 29 Aug 2021)
Every student receives 31 live webinar classes across the year to ensure their preparation is completed correctly and on time. Essential for any busy student.

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2,500 Questions (Including 5 Full Mock Exams), Updated Annually

Our massive question bank is organised into a curriculum that gently introduces students to question-solving techniques before answering questions for peak growth.

Plenty of teaching content

A premium course is not complete without extensive face-to-face teaching. That's why students receive 68.5 hours of iCanMed's well-known (and well-loved) teaching classes, every year.

Unlimited Feedback and Support

You can contact the coaching team at any time for support—we guarantee a maximum turnaround time of 24 hours for any questions. From troubleshooting to reviewing your progress and stress management, we are with you every step of the way.

2,500 Video-Solution Tutorials

What's the use of doing questions if you don't improve? Every question comes with a 5 to 15-minute video tutorial that teaches students the best way to solve it—no need to waste time guessing.

iCanMed’s Online Learning Management System, Explained

Step-by-step video tutorials

The iCanMed learning management system has replicated the same test experience as the UCAT.

Functionality such as the timer, calculator and flagging are all available. Our questions are made to represent the latest UCAT exams in every way (i.e. length, difficulty, style, nuance, etc.)

For every one of the 2,500 UCAT questions in the course, students have the opportunity to review their working out process with exemplar solutions recommended by iCanMed.

A 5 to 15-minute video tutorial for every question shows the exact step-by-step question-solving process. We’ve done the hard work to make sure these techniques will never fail. All you need to do is to learn them well!

Ongoing teaching for Section 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

The iCanMed learning management system teaches the UCAT in a curriculum-based sequence. The course is intuitively organised to help students learn knowledge and skill easily and comprehensively.

Ashton, iCanMed’s co-founder, equips students with section-specific insights, advice, know-how and recommendations to maximise learning efficiency.

Unlimited personal feedback

During any point of the course, students have unlimited opportunities to ask questions. Write the concern to our coaching team to respond with detailed personalised feedback within 24 hours, every day of the year. We are reachable via email, SMS, phone or Facebook as well. Ask anything from question-specific queries to study concerns or issues regarding motivation.

Our coaching team provides detailed feedback that is personalised to the issues you encounter and will continue to provide support until you fix the problem. We’ve received and answered over 50,000 messages over the last 18 months. Talk about unlimited support!

Helpful performance analytics

Click the incorrectly-answered question to be taken to the solutions review video to identify all mistakes in the solving process. The set up makes improving quick and straightforward.

Students can see which question took the longest to answer in our timed quizzes and mock exams to help isolate the exact reasons behind why they are not achieving top speed.

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