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Our competitively priced courses allow everyone to be taught the same way that helped thousands of students gain entrance into medicine and dentistry. To do so, we offer much more value for much less cost. On average, our services cost 50% to 75% less than other premium coaching providers and private tutors. 

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UK UCAT Online Specialist Crash Course

£ 90
  • 2,500+ UCAT exam questions
  • 2,500+ full video solutions
  • 31 UCAT progress classes*
  • 5 full mock exams (timed & sat under UCAT conditions)
  • Unlimited, 24-hour personal support
  • Learn how to solve all 14 question types

Key dates and schedule

UCAT Progress Webinar Class Schedule
Dates Class Term status
9, 23 Aug 2020
Verbal Reasoning
School term
6, 20, 27 Sep 2020
Verbal Reasoning
School term
14, 18 Oct 2020
Decision Making (Flow Chart)
No classes due to exam season
School term
6, 13 Dec 2020
Decision Making (Order)
20, 27 Dec 2020
Decision Making (Argument)
3, 10 Jan 2021
Decision Making (Passage)
7, 24, 31 Jan 2021
Decision Making (Venn Diagram)
14, 28 Feb 2021
Decision Making (Probability)
School term
14, 28 Mar, 4 Apr 2021
Quantitative Reasoning Classes
School term
11, 18, 25 Apr, 2 May 2021
Abstract Reasoning
9 May 2021
Abstract Reasoning (Next)
School term
16 May 2021
Abstract Reasoning (Comparison)
School term
23, 30 May 2021
Situational Judgement (Appropriate & Importance)
School term
6, 13, 20, 27 Jun 2021
Section-specific reinforcement lessons and mock exam preparation
School term
8, 10, 14, 18 Jul 2021
Exam strategy reinforcement, Development resilient test-taking mindset with last minute Q&A opportunities

We've already completed 7/37 of our UCAT progress classes!

Over 700 2021/2022 candidates have started attending them!

Recordings are available, so catch up on the missed classes and be in time for our next class on 6/12!

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Not all courses are created the same. As seasoned veterans in helping students achieve their best, we know what a course needs to include in order to help anyone learn and refine their skills and come out on top of the UCAT or interview. 

Click on ‘Course Overview’ to learn the ins and outs of our course and the role that each feature plays in preparing students. If you have any specific questions, click the ‘Let’s Chat’ button to be contacted by an educational advisor. It’s that easy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

UCAT Services

In 2019, almost 400 iCanMed students scored 3000 or more (i.e. 96th percentile or higher) on the ANZ UCAT. When we interviewed these students, most of them revealed that they spent around 250–300 hours preparing for the test. This may sound like a lot, until you realise that most medical or dental schools weight the UCAT as heavily as your ATAR. This means that the 2-hour UCAT exam is worth the same amount as all of your assessments, assignments, and hours spent studying for high-school or university subjects combined!

However, for students whose preparation only consists of doing mock exams and question banks without first learning the right techniques, it is very common to spend more than 500 hours preparing for the UCAT. Talk about inefficient prep! For more advice about how to prepare for the UCAT, check out our Resources page.

An extremely important feature of the UCAT Pro Course is unlimited opportunities to contact our UCAT coaches and receive direct, personalised feedback. All questions are answered within 24 hours, every day of the year. Students can do this a few ways: they can leave their question in the comments section of an online lesson; they can email, SMS or call our coaches; and they can add our coaches on Facebook. Communication via Facebook allows for live conversation and is preferred by the majority of students. You can contact us using the method that best suits you!

The best time to finish most of your UCAT prep is the end of January (for high school students) or the end of February (for university students) in the year you will be applying for medicine. Once Semester 1 starts, you will not have enough time to prepare for the UCAT alongside your school subjects, extra-curricular activities, interview preparation, leadership roles, voluntary work and/or paid work. Therefore, if you are sitting the UCAT in 2021, start preparation NOW so that you will be set to finish your UCAT prep by the end of the summer break. (If you are sitting the UCAT in 2022, you have two summer holidays to comfortably learn and master all of the UCAT question types before Year 12 begins.) Due to the importance of your ATAR, more and more students are opting to begin their preparation in Year 10 to avoid leaving it to the last minute and self-sabotaging their ATAR or UCAT result. If you are sitting the UCAT in 2023, relax and start to familiarise yourself with what preparation involves—there’s no need to start preparing this early!

The course includes 2,000 UCAT questions (including five fully-timed mock exams) covering all 14 of the question types found in Section 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the 2019 UCAT exam. (After the 2020 UCAT testing period is over, these questions will be updated to reflect those in the 2020 exam). The questions are professionally written and reviewed by qualified assessment writers to represent the real exam in every way; their length, styles, nuances, variations, challenges and ways of being solved are all the same. For every question, there is also a full step-by-step video solution around 5 to 15 minutes long that demonstrates how to solve each question using accurate, transferable and agile techniques. Imagine having 2,000 videos (with a total length of at least 12,500 minutes) of your math teacher solving every question in front of you!


We do not offer a free trial of our courses. However, there are plenty of opportunities to experience how we teach for free. We recommend that students and parents visit the Resources page to view our expert advice and watch our teaching videos. Another fantastic way to learn more about iCanMed is to sign up to an upcoming free webinar—you can do this by visiting the Webinar page.

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